© Jeff Curto 2012

© Jeff Curto 2012

Amanda Dussault has studied photography for over 15 years.  After learning photography by shooting film, she jumped into digital with both feet, loving the instant feedback and endless possibilities.  However, once taught the fine art of shooting a 4x5 film camera, Amanda now gravitates toward large format photography more often than not – loving the process of taking the photograph.  

Amanda’s educational background is more in the sciences, receiving a BS in Design and Drafting and an MS in Computer Science.  Her photographs tend to be organized and very structured.  Her new project, Now You See Me, is a great departure from that organization and structure.  Now You See Me is a digital self-portrait project that has her way outside her comfort zone – someplace where she wants to spend more time.

Now You See Me

Mysterious and fleeting.  

Beauty, love, pain, happiness.  It's all just a flash, a shadow, a moment, a glimpse.

These moments, captured in camera, have a light post-processing touch; aiming to make my subject simple, elegant, and sensual.    Enough movement to render the woman unrecognizable, but with a form that is familiar, mysterious, fleeting.